Legea 263/2010-Continuare Activitate Dupa Varsta de Pensionare

foarte slabaslababunafoarte bunaexcelenta (Evaluați aceasta propunere)

1.In prezent legea pensiilor(263/2010) include foarte multe prevederi pentru salariatii care doresc sa-si inceapa pensionarea inainte de termen sau in conditii speciale si nici o prevedere(cu cateva exceptii:medici,etc.) pentru salariatii care ar dori sa-si prelungeasca activitatea.
-reglementare legala a posibilitatii de continuare a activitatii dupa varsta pensionarii,la optiunea personala.
Nota:aceasta reglementare diminueaza impactul evolutiei negative a fondului de pensii(scadere nr.contribuabili/crestere nr.beneficiari) si vine in intampinarea tendintei europene de a se mari varsta limita de pensionare.
Nota:cateva exemple in favoarea propunerii:
-prevederi legale in Olanda:
The Dutch Pension System an overview of the key aspects
6.2 Ageing population The statutory retirement age is currently 65 years.

It is also possible to work longer and retire after the age of 65. In recent years the statutory obstacles to working beyond 65 have been removed. Postponing retirement reverses the effects of early retirement. It is financially attractive. By working longer, more pension rights are built up, the pension benefit commences at a later stage and this means that the pension can be higher.(-Este posibil sa se continue munca dupa 65 ani(s-au abrogat prevederile contrarii).Astfel se contracareaza consecintele pensionarii in avans si se genereaza beneficii(atractivitate financiara,majorare a drepturilor de pensie,pensia incepand sa curga mai tarziu si in cuantum marit.).
In general the amount of pension payable will increase by about 9% for every year a person works after the retirement date. Postponing the retirement date can therefore quickly lead to a considerable increase in pension benefits and is an attractive means of solving the problem of any pension shortfall.
-prevederi legale in Spania:
The new pension regulations in Spain,by Maria Teresa Velasco | May 9, 2011 
Late retirement age
In order to promote a voluntary increase of the retirement age an increase in pension between 2% and 4% will be added for each year on top of the pensionable age in function of the total period contributed.(Pensionarea intarziata.Pentru a se stimula marirea varstei de pensionare se adauga la cuantumul pensiei intre 2-4 % pt.fiecare an lucrat peste varsta de pensionare,…)
-prevederi legale in Germania:
The German Retirement and Pension System – Basic Facts,Updated – February 2016
There are many complicated details to the pension system; means of determining the amount of pensions, provisions for early retirement, increased retirement benefits for staying on the job beyond 65(beneficii marite la pensionare in cazul continuarii activitatii peste 65 ani), etc.